There are various smartwatches in the market right now that are compatible with Android. They have an assistant to provide you with all information that you need like about weather, fitness, set alarms, use timers and even receive notifications on your smartwatch when connected with your mobile through Bluetooth. It also gives you the number of steps that you have taken so far and what must be your daily fitness goals. The best part is it lets you know how many calories you have burnt a day.

Smartwatches are among the most on-trend items in the wearable tech today and the traditional watchmakers are slowly shifting from the analogue watches to their smart versions.

Below mentioned are some of the best smartwatches launched recently.

Fitbit Sense

Best one for fitness freaks. It comes with various health features and helps in warning you against any serious health problems if they exist. This provides you chance with improving your health. Fitbit Sense is the best one for physical and mental health tracking and fulfils almost all the expectations that we would have from a smartwatch.

Fossil Q Gen 5

 This one is the best all-rounder at the moment. The hardware and software that is used in this smartwatch makes it truly competitive with its rivals like Apple and Samsung. In case of Fossil’s smartwatch, it is pretty easy to use and you can make and take calls. This facility is limited to only android phones. We can hear the messages with the help of Google Assistant. This watch gives out the best aesthetic feel when you wear it. The experience that you will receive out of it is extremely smooth and you will be absolutely impressed with this one.

 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

It is the best pick if you have an android smartphone. They are thin, lightweight and comes with the best display. You can easily make or take calls through the watch and reply to messages by dictating to Bixby which is the Samsung’s voice assistant like Apple’s Siri. The feature set that is provided by Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is simply amazing and it can automatically track different types of exercises and one of the best smartwatches that an android user can think of buying.

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