So you’ve recently purchased a new Android phone. You take it out of the box, remove the plastic film, and turn it on for the first time. Then you complete setting it up by adding your Google account. It’s now time to get some apps! However, if you’re new to the Android ecosystem, you could be undecided about which apps to install. You may be overwhelmed by a large number of options available on Google Play, or you may just be undecided between many options. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.

Best Android Apps In 2021

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is the only file explorer you’ll ever need. It’s one of the greatest if not the best browser apps available, and it’s because it lets you do so much. It has built-in encryption for your essential files, Google Drive and Dropbox integration, as well as support for connecting to your own external server. It also has easy file management and root access for exploring other partitions of your device. There’s so much to like about it. You’ll have to pay a one-time licence fee to use it, but it’s one of the few paid Android apps that I believe are genuinely worth the money.


Tasker is one of the more complicated programmes on this list, and it has a steep learning curve, particularly for novices. It’s one of the handiest apps out there once you get the hang of it. It can automate practically every element of your smartphone usage and make it perform exactly how you want. Setting automatic actions to the settings and situations you want will eliminate a lot of manual input and repetitive behaviour. It’s also a Swiss tool in the sense that it acts as a workaround for enhancing the functionality of your smartphone. Tasker can probably do anything you can think of.


Brave is an open-source web browser based on Chromium. It prioritises privacy and has built-in tools to block advertisements and trackers. You’ll also receive sync support, background video playback, and all of the standard features. Furthermore, the browser allows users to display optional advertisements in exchange for Basic Attention Tokens (BATs), Brave’s own cryptocurrency.

So, there you have it. We hope that the information that has been provided here would be of help to you. Do leave your thoughts below about the same and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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