LiquidWeb has helped lot many online businesses succeed and maintain their online presence throughout the time. By choosing a good web host that can provide excellency to your website through various features and packages. LiquidWeb provides the best hosting solutions by delivering 99.999% uptime and also around the clock support. The functioning of this web host is very easy and no problems have been witnessed so far by the users while operating their website hosted by LiquidWeb. This web host company offers you with variety of cloud, reseller, virtual private servers and WordPress server packages which you can choose according to your requirements and business. Specific solution to your problems is what you need and LiquidWeb understands it.

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What makes LiquidWeb a special web host?

This web host excels in managed web hosting. This feature might not seem interesting for big firms but LiquidWeb ensures in every way possible that the businesses which have chosen LiquidWeb as their web host, keeps on growing.

LiquidWeb can handle all the administrative as well support tasks and it doesn’t matter how complicated they might be. They are the best in offering businesses with the best web hosting solutions. LiquidWeb promises security, safety and many other best features about themselves, and they prove it with every performance they deliver.

The company offers 24/7 support. The team is available whenever you want to talk to them about your problems regarding website hosting. All the problems are equal to them and they make sure that each issue is taken into consideration and the customer is satisfied with the perfect solution for their respective query.Liquid Web $3 | Hostbroad.com: Best Web Hosting 2020 - Domains - WordPress

  • Best web host if you are looking for one that suits your business needs
  • Easily migrate the website, online store and all the application with the stored data
  • Proactive management of your website’s hosting. It includes network availability and all-time security
  • Complex hosting environment managed very well under LiquidWeb. All types of technical support are extended by the team of LiquidWeb.
  • Response time is recorded to be less than one minute. All the issues are taken into consideration as soon as possible.

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Pros of using LiquidWeb

  • All types of hosting under LiquidWeb like Dedicated, VPS, cloud and reseller are the best options for all types of businesses specifically the ones which are growing and getting bigger.
  • VPS plans are structured so precisely and such perfection deserves 10/10.
  • Amazing customer support team who is there to take care of all your needs and requirements. 100% uptime 24/7.
  • There are various specifications available which helps in running your business smoothly.

Cons of using LiquidWeb

  • Plans under Shared Hosting are limited.
  • Comparatively expensive. LiquidWeb is a bit expensive when we compare it with other business hosting solutions in the market.


Pricing and Plans under LiquidWeb























15GB      storage








100GB storage


300GB storage


500GB storage


800GB storage


2TB Bandwidth





4TB Bandwidth


5TB Bandwidth


5TB Bandwidth


10TB Bandwidth


10TB Bandwidth


30-day Backup





30-day Backup


30-day Backup


30-day Backup


30-day Backup


30-day Backup


Unlimited Email Accounts


Unlimited Email



Unlimited Email Accounts


Unlimited Email Accounts


Unlimited Email Accounts


Unlimited Email Accounts


Unlimited Email Accounts

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Real Verdict on LiquidWeb

If you run your own web business or if you are an individual web developer, LiquidWeb won’t be preferably the best option for you. LiquidWeb can perform much better in case of large as well as growing companies. The sole reason behind it is that they offer various web hosting plans which are much more suitable for larger enterprises. Although LiquidWeb is expensive, but the support and features extended by them through their services is beyond amazing and helps in the rapid growth of your business.

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