Artificial Intelligence also known as machine learning or deep learning is nothing but a simulation of humans that is put in the machines and indeed, they tend to mimic the actions of humans by using their intelligence. Some of the best examples of machine learning are learning and planning, problem solving, speech recognition and more. It is said that there is huge scope of AI now and there many companies who are willing to step in the world of AI. There are many companies too who are in to this world and are ranked on the top for their work and their ideas.

The top artificial intelligence companies in this world


Amazon is one of the leading companies who are in to AI in the terms of customers side and also in the terms of backend applications. One of the best voices activated assistant that is amazon Alexa is now of the best product and also their prime content that is amazon web series are also one of the best machine learning programs introduced.


DJI is a startup company in china who is now a company who have grown in to billions. This company is in to AI and is in the partnership of the most successful companies like Microsoft. It is said that this company is also trying to bring in some amazing new projects related to Autonomous vehicles and robotics project.


Google is another well know artificial intelligence companies who have many plans and projects that they are into. Google has also been shifting towards AI and made it clear as their first approach towards their business. They are with many other companies like mountain view, deep mind creating and other AI companies too.


Apple is also said to be one of the best companies that you are into AI and have said it so many times on how AI is going to be the next big step for development and success. They are in to AI from few years where some of their successful products are Siri or Create ML.

These are the top artificial intelligence companies in this world that are the leading companies in this sector. They have many projects and plans to develop machine learning. We hope you have liked this article and got the info you have been looking for. Keep visiting and thank you for all your time.

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