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Online businesses have reached great heights today. Not only for online businesses, but also for various other types of business, creating an official website has become mandatory. Just having a website is not at all enough, taking proper care of the website is also necessary. The entire process includes organizing the website in the best manner, adding all the required information, mention the pros and cons, making use of the best website packages available and above all, choosing the best web host for your website. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive web hosting company as your site’s web host. KnownHost is a small but professional company and they take VPS hosting very seriously. They only believe in delivering their customers and clients with the best results and hence try using KnownHost for your business websites.

KnownHost Launches Expanded Shared Web Hosting Plans -

Pros of using KnownHost

  • Best uptime guarantee and smooth functioning of the websites.
  • Web Hosting News - Web Host KnownHost Adds LiteSpeed, cPanel, and Support  to Shared HostingAmazing customer support and the team is available 24/7 to take care of your issues and queries.
  • SSD and fully Managed Hosting.
  • KnownHost offers you with free and easy set up as well as hassle-free migration.
  • Various features available for making your website function in the grandest way possible.
  • The best VPS hosting provider in the Web Hosting industry.

Cons of using Known Host

  • Plans and packages available under KnownHost are a bit overwhelming and might not convince certain customers.
  • There is no availability of Windows server.

KnownHost VPS hosting- “The best one in the industry” 

KnownHost has been titled as the best VPS hosting provider

KnownHost Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2020 Dealin the entire web hosting industry. They usually aim at small as well as large businesses and ensure that these firms get the best out of VPS and Dedicated hosting. There are three datacentres of this hosting company which are situated in three different locations. KnownHost hosts websites from over 150 countries and provides the best managed VPS hosting services to its users and clients.

More Reasons to choose KnownHost!

  • KnownHost assures you with ultra-high performance. This web host makes use of the optimized software and SSD RAID ran on premium hardware and networking. Hence KnownHost provides the best web hosting solutions.
  • KnownHost is highly scalable. It is important that when you are planning to grow your business, the hosting that you are using for your site must develop too. KnownHost understands its users and thus there are packages available for all types of business with affordable pricing as well as no IP changes and no downtime.
  • Website security is taken here very seriously. All the configurations and services provided under this web host have security options and no one else can access your website other than you. Software such as 360/Imunify AV+ is provided to make your websites extra secure and protect it from all kinds of malfunctions.
  • By making use of software like Litespeed and LSCache, KnownHost takes your website to another level. There is no need to worry about your site’s performance if it is hosted by KnownHost.

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Pricing and Plans under KnownHost


Web Hosting


SSD-Powered VPS




Dedicated Servers










High performance due to secure cloud architecture. Powered by LiteSpeed Webserver


SSD virtual private servers provide increased speed along with less cost of dedicated server


Highest Cloud Performance along with SSD with maximum uptime and automatic updates


The most powerful package of all. Keep your website running all day. Custom packages are available.


KnownHost is reliable, Go for it!

If you plan to run your own business through personal blogging and other small businesses, then there is no other better option than KnownHost. It is a great opportunity to secure your website like never before with the help of KnownHost. There are affordable plans under this host and it has been attracting millions of people.


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