Founded in year 2006, Wix started with a mission to help people develop a professional looking website with no coding skills required. The launch of Wix had successfully set a new trend in the history of web designing industry.

Drag and drop interface

The drag and drop interface is heart of wix. The easy to use interface makes wix suitable for beginners, one can easily make a professional looking website with no previous experience required. The mobile editor options makes wix stand out amongst its competitors as you no longer have to manage the activities from the main editor. Wix permits you to customize the mobile experience rather than relying upon a responsive template.

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Extend your website features along with the Wix App Market

The Wix App Market is indeed the best option one would ever want as Wix gives you an entire App market to choose from rather than extending the partial features to you in the editor. The App Market will be providing you with plugins known for performing specific tasks within the wix website. For instance, Viola can opted for integrating a blog section, you will just have to modify certain settings and it’s there. Chat can opt for live chat with your clients on to the website, this will allow you to enhance your customer support services.

Market your website easily

When the content plays a major role within your website, SEO is the key. You will have to work on certain techniques to be visible on Google. SEO enables to sell your website to the search engines encouraging them to list you further up in the search results. By default, Wix ensures providing complete guidance to all the SEO related factors.

Additional features

Website builder of Wix helps you develop your website at the earliest. Wix is integrated with in-built ecosystem of tools and products which focuses on enabling the users to create a successful website. There are numerous internal tools helping the website owners to learn more.


A secure website is a great SEO factor, Google is prioritizing the security of website primarily. Wix offers SSL certificates to the site owners. The HTTPS ensures that the interactions taken place by the visitors with your website are secure. This security feature open the gates for various things which includes online purchases, exchange of confidential information and such more. The HTTPS compliant sites gets a warning message.

Help and support

Customer support is the core of any website and considering the fact, Wix has been fully prepared to resolves the issues faced by the clients. The knowledge based entry or the video tutorial provides instant help to the users.

To sum up,

Wix has been a well known brand in the website building industry. In the year 2006, it was one of the very first web hosting provider to offer end to end website building platform with no coding skills. The company ensures 100% convenience with regards to in-built tools for the self developing website owners.

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