Even having a big screen TV looks small in front of the Home projector screen. If you want to watch movies, play games, sports or simply want to be entertained by watching something, then having a good home projector can add a lot to it to increase the excitement and fun. The projector screen is of 120” size or more. Now you can imagine the difference between a big screen TV and home projector.

The picture is more natural and realistic, the colors are highly defined, vibrant and subtle. There is no stress on the eyes. However, you need to keep in mind the size of the area where you want to install the projector as it is not meant for every place and room. You need to have a large and distant room to take the benefits of the projector. Additionally, you need to reduce the natural light in the room to watch the screen properly. So let us see how to choose the best home projector.

Choose The Best Home Video Projector

The first thing comes is the resolution of the projector. The more the resolution, the better will be the video quality. Resolution refers to the number of the pixels on the imaging chip from top to bottom and side to side. Almost all the high definition projectors use the resolution of full HD 1080 pixels. But 4k ultra HD projectors are also available with 2160p resolution. As the resolution gets increased, the pixel size decreases and gives the better picture quality. The picture seems more seamless and less visibility of pixel structure.

For the best home projector, the next important factor is brightness. Usually, a home projector has light output, which we call brightness, of 700 to 2500 lumens. All the projectors have a certain amount of brightness to watch the movies in dim light or no light as some people prefer to watch in dark rooms. Higher brightness keeps the picture crispy to watch comfortably and it is important for the extra large screen to have a better view.

Now we will talk about the contrast which is the most important factor for the picture quality. Contrast ratio measures the brightest whites and the darkest black on the projector which it can show. A high contrast ratio is necessary for the projector to display the picture with deeper black and more subtle colors.

So we can say that every parameter you need to check to have a best home projector.

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