Everything you need to know about Hostwinds

Recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing and flourishing web hosting companies, Hostwinds is unstoppable. They have been setting new standards in the web hosting industry and is a tough competition for all the other prominent web hosts. This web hosting company was established in 2010 and ever since its launch, they have been providing all the satisfactory services to their clients and customers with an affordable pricing strategy. Hostwinds provide amazing hosting experience to the one who is using it and is a great performer in its field.

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Hostwinds Features

Hostwinds gained popularity after 2012 and is one of the most trending web hosts so far. Why do people prefer Hostwinds? Here are the reasons-

  • While choosing a hosting company, being anxious about it is normal. People often worry about where their data will be stored and how is it going to be processed and etc. At Hostwinds, you will not only get the information about the equipment and location of the servers but also the detailed pictures of all the information will be provided on the website so as to ensure you about how safe Hostwinds is as your website’s host.Starting a hosting company in your 20s? Learn how Peter Holden of Hostwinds  did it | HostAdvice
  • Sneak peak of their security is also provided on the website. The security is available around 24/7 and the armed guards are there always to keep an eye on the stations as well as the entire location.
  • Speed is the most important parameter which you would like to ensure for your website while choosing a web host. Hostwinds provides Windspeed facility to all the websites that it hosts so that your business is never affected due to down time. The page load is extremely fast and all credits go to the robust servers that they make use of.Hostwinds Reviews 2020 - One Of The Best Hosting Solutions For A Low Budget  - Review by us, desire by you
  • The websites under Hostwinds are absolutely safe and secure. This web host offers WindShield which helps in keeping your data secure from all the threats and improper logins. It sets up a server firewall which is one of their servers hardening tactics in order to guard all your files from dangerous viruses and malware which can corrupt your data and ruin your site.
  • Best customer support facilities. The team responds so well and addresses to all your doubts, queries and issues. All the problems will be taken care of and perfect solutions are provided to the issues as soon as possible.

Cons of using Hostwinds

There is no doubt that Hostwinds is a performer as a web host, yet there are certain issues which need to be taken into consideration by the management in order to make Hostwinds the best of all.

  • There are certain affiliate requirements which need to be highlighted by the company way before someone starts using it. This comes into the picture when we are almost in the middle of the process and it can confuse the person using Hostwinds.
  • Although the company offers an uptime guarantee, certain reviews reflect an issue regarding the slow speed of their sites and their websites being down at some point.
  • Data limits on bandwidth and disk space is major issue when you consider choosing Hostwinds.

We still recommend Hostwinds!

Hostwinds is the best option for beginners in this field of website designing and website management. It will make your first experience of handling a website easier as well as provides great features for making your site better than others. The reseller hosting options are attractive to various users and webmasters have been preferring Hostwinds like never before.

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