About Hostinger, the Web Hosting Company

This web hosting company started out as a personal company called “Hosting Media” in 2004. Ever since then, Hostinger has been growing and expanding like no other web hosts in the business. After 6 years of starting their business, they achieved the milestone of 1 million users across the world. In the present scenario, Hostinger takes care of more than 29 million users with established offices across the globe with more than 150 people working in each office. They have their offices in 39 countries around the world.

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Pros of using Hostinger

  • Best server performance
  • 8 data centers across the globe
  • Wide range of techniques available which can be applied to grow your website
  • Domains can be bought in cheap prices and the packages are quite affordable too
  • Control panel offered by them is extremely user friendly and it works hassle-free

Hostinger Review: Is This European Web Host Any Good?

Great features of Hostinger explained in detail

  1. Cheap hosting solutions along with amazing features. All the plans provided under Hostinger are affordable which even include premium features. This is a contradictory feature because usually you get premium features only when you choose premium packages, but Hostinger provides you with premium features as low as $0.99/mo. This is an awesome deal.
  2. Hostinger supports PHP7, HTTP/2, IPv6 and LiteSpeed Caching by default. There are no further applications in order to get these benefits. This feature is involved in all the shared hosting plans.
  3. Helps in the optimization of the website for the best WordPress performance. It promotes WordPress acceleration.
  4. You can get free domains which means you can ideally save costs and it is also available in premium shared hosting plans.
  5. Websites hosted under Hostinger are extremely safe and secured. SSH access helps in taking care of your website and protects it from all kinds of malware and virus attacks.
  6. Github Integration helps in convenient web development and this version is available in all the shared plans under Hostinger.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans and Pricing

Single Shared Hosting Premium Shared Hosting Business Shared Hosting







·      1 website

·      1 email

·      Limited bandwidth up to 100GB

·      Free SSL certificate



·      Most popular plan

·      Unlimited number of websites

·      Unlimited email accounts

·      WordPress Acceleration

·      Free SSL Certificate and Domain


·      Best for small businesses

·      Unlimited number of websites

·      Unlimited Bandwidth

·      WordPress acceleration

·      Free SSL Certificates and Domain

·      Daily Backup

·      Free CloudFlare Protection

High Quality Web Hosting with Hostinger

Hostinger has been adopting various innovative initiatives in order to make the web hosting industry a better place for every web master. According to them, using fastest hardware is not the main idea but to ensure the best software solutions for all the websites to function in the best way possible. They always make sure that their company is the first to implement it.

The Hosting Platform Made For You - Go Online With Hostinger

With the best server around the world, the websites are immensely protected by multiple levels of RAID-10 and even daily and weekly backups done. Global Data centers of Hostinger include UK, USA, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil and Lithuania. There is unmatched reliability in case of Hostinger and customers can always feel relieved if they are hosting their website with Hostinger.

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