No online game experience will become highly immersive unless you can communicate with other players and implement a variety of features. Today, the gaming world has become exasperatingly vast and it has become quite the challenge to find your way around some of these AAA titles. Some games are designed to play with support and if you fail to play as a team, you will ultimately lose out.

Gaming Tools for Pro-Gamers:


Discord is a modern-day chatting technology designed especially for online gamers. This provides the interactive VoIP feature that allows gamers to easily interconnect with each other and have a comprehensive conversation about some of the online gaming world’s latest happenings. Not only this but Discord has a stunning UI and some of the best features for multiple server setups are included in its servers. Not only is this all in one voice and text chat for gamers free and safe, but it also works well both on the devices, phone, and desktop. No more time lost on Skype or on the phone.


Steam is one of the world’s most successful PC gaming libraries. This includes a large number of online games where friends can interconnect and play for hours without having any downtime on the site. It not only has huge game libraries, but the client also has a social hub that allows players to interconnect and talk with each other. It also comes with in-home streaming which allows players to play Mac and Linux based Window games as well. Throughout a period of time, the site has come a long way and grown magnanimously. This is pretty much the computer enthusiasts program.

Razor Cortex:

Now you’ve built a pretty cool PC, but what if you don’t get the results you ‘re expecting it to deliver? Okay, that kind of thing can happen to anyone of us. Here’s a free app that allows you to improve your gaming performance with just one button clicks away. The software lets you improve your efficiency by one-click. A user can optimize their RAM with just a single button, get the best FPS statistics, and execute a full automatic performance boost. And you can set aside the worries of glitchy interactions the next time you start a game with Razor Cortex The game runs without the shreds of a frame.

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