In today’s time, tech is reaching the sky then why do not we use for some fun too, that is there are various two-player games that you can play with your partner to cut down your extra free time. Stay with us to know more about some fun but the best 2 player online games that you can also enjoy on your phones.

Best Online Games for Two Players

Dots & Boxes –

This is one such game that you can play to relive and get all your childhood back. Dots & Boxes is one such game that you can play as it is one of the traditional games that we always played in our childhood. This game can be easily accessed by all the Androids and iPhone users, you can also enjoy the game when you are offline.

Badland –

This is also the best 2 player online game that you can choose to play online. This is more like a sides scroller game that is filled with full of adventure. This is more of a team game where you will need to help a guide your partner to clear any kind of obstacle they will be facing. This game can also be installed by all the androids and iPhones users. One more advantage of this game is that you can play it on same devices.

Glow Hockey –

One more excellent game that you can pick to play is the glow hockey. This is purely a two player games that you can play on your phones. Glow hockey also called as Air hockey is now accessible to all the iOS and android’s users. You can now enjoy the same level of competence and fell the same excitement by playing it on the phone as you can install it for free.

Crossy Road –

Another game that you can choose to play with your gaming partner is the crossy road. This new game is quite a replicant to an old retro game named as groggers that you may played. This game can also be accessed by all the other androids and iPhone users which is completely available for free. This game can also be enjoyed on big screens like PC’s or Smart TV.

These are some of the best 2 player online games that you can pick for cutting down your free time and have some fun with your other partner.

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