Our phones are handset supercomputers for days with professional cameras and batteries, but what would the point be without the software to use it? Millions and millions and millions of Android apps turn our phones into productivity powerhouses from glossy glass sheets, and these are devices that took the day and made our life simpler, quicker, and better over the last year.

Best Android Apps In 2021

Google Lens

Are you ever interested in understanding the flora you saw on a walk? Ok, with Google Lens, only holding your camera to the floral will easily find out. Lens also converts foreign languages or saves business cards to communicate more easily than ever.

Google Assistant

It was a busy year for Google Assistants from Google Clock’s assistant routines to the major expansion of assistant-compatible smart home apps to a study of visual responses. It feels like a century ago when Google Assistant was introduced by Android Auto but that simply added safer for millions of drivers particularly during the long, frustrating holiday season.


This custom-tailored keyboard gives you complete power, SwiftKey creeps on the 4 million download milestone and is for purpose nice. The app itself has over 100 different subjects, and with a picture you took or downloaded it backdrop, you can also create your own theme. SwiftKey supports over 300 languages and up to five different languages can be allowed simultaneously.

Google Chrome

For many and for good reason, Google Chrome is the de-facto choice: it just works. Google has worked hard to bring new features and a modern and crisp look to the app. When you are using Chrome, almost all of the features of the app are present on your device including sync capabilities, so that you can continue reading and pick up something on your Mac.


It is easy to see why ExpressVPN offers a great experience with over 3,000 servers in over 90 countries. It’s quick to start and you can encrypt your entire web browsing and surf safely. After you register for the service, the number of devices you can connect to is not limited and even your text and instant messages are protected.

Simple File Manager Pro

You will need Easy File Managers Pro to keep files organized if you want to transfer files to your smartphone boatload. This software gives you intuitive access to your root files when accessing microSD or USB cards. Moreover, there are many choices for customizing the theme to suit your needs.

We hope that the provided information about the Android Apps will be of help to you. If you have anything else to add, then do leave a comment below.

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