HostGator is one of the best and the well-known provider with excellent performance. This is one of the oldest and biggest web hosting company in the industry. This hosting company nearly comes with 10 million domain names which makes it the biggest hosting providers in the industry. You can enjoy various feature packed hosting plans. You can get excellent shared hosting offering with this web hosting provider. There are various benefits that comes with HostGator, lets now have a look on the few of the major benefits.


Strong Uptime of 99.98%

Over the past 24 months HostGator has been constant with their uptime of 99.98%. they have been consistent and stable with uptime of around 99.98% to 100%. They claim to have a strong uptime of 99.90% and if they drop below then you can claim for a one-month credit on your account. Although any kind of predict hacks or planned maintenance are not specified in the guarantee policy. Still, if you find any downtime and request for credit, you will need to submit a support ticket with the billing department.

Good Support

You can receive good support from an excellent team via knowledge base, phone call, live chat and email. If you are looking for a faster connectivity, you can connect through a service rep. you can connect them with in 15 seconds. With a knowledgeable and trained team, you can get answers to all the basic to all kind of questions related to their topic. They have a well trained and friendly staff where they don’t hesitate to answer any of your queries.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

HostGator is quite confident with the type of service they provide which is why they have extended their average 30-day refund policy to more additional two weeks or for 15 days. Now, you can use the site for over a month and analyses, still there are any kind of issues popping, you can receive your money back. However, this guarantee is only applicable to Shared hosting, Reseller hosting and VPS hosting packages. Also, you should be aware that this refund policy is only applicable to new account or new plans picked.

User Friendly

This web host is mainly built for webmasters and beginner bloggers. This site has various tutorials included on their site. They, also have walkthroughs and much more for specifications for easy navigation, designing, building and manage everything on site. Also, they have a website builder and also has a domain name and free hosting, for all these features all you need is to purchase a single account. They also have a customizable template for modern and beautiful designing of the website.

HostGator is undoubtedly one of the excellent web hosting providers that is simpler to use. It also offers a range of a useful plan for their users and various small business. This hosting can be the top pick for all those people who are looking forward to purchase shared hosting packages.

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