AI which is also called as Machine learning is now one of the most leading and growing business in the industry. There are many companies who are emerging in to this field and here we have the list of top 3 companies dealing in to artificial intelligence and are actually the leaders in this this field.

4 best AI companies that are leading this industry

Amazon Web Services – Undoubtedly, this AI company ranks on the tops in the cloud computing industries. This company has to offer both customer and business-oriented services, though most of their series are built for customers products. AWS has come up with many services like Alexa, an assistant voice for Amazon Echo; Lex, that will help you in turning the text to speech and rekognition which is a service for image recognition.

Google Cloud Platform – Another top company in the list of providing the best AI services is the Google Cloud Platform that is clearly a leader in data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Goggle is fully focused on investing their services to improve their AI capabilities. This company is mainly focused on selling their AI services and other machine learning service to business. They also have leading software project named as tensor flow plus they also own tensor AI chip project.

IBM Cloud – This is one of the most running company and has been in this industry from a very long time say around 1050’s. in the recent years, they have been focusing a lot on the AI to provide the AI based cognitive services. They have also been focusing on offering AI software by way of a service and systems designed for bringing cloud-based AI services and analytics too. IBM Cloud have also been acquiring multiple start ups based on AI.

Microsoft Azure – This is also one of the best AI companies that is also in business and customer oriented where they are also handling multiple AI projects on the same. For the customers they have Cortana, that is a digital assistant which is applicable for windows and smartphones too. They also have assistant that talks like a teenager which is chatbot Zo. Microsoft is also into selling AI services like machine learning, bot services and cognitive services too.

These are 4 best AI companies that are presently in to this field and have their focus on providing the best services not only to the customers but for other business too.

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